About Us

We're Ostler Equestrian

... and we were founded upon the principle of uncompromising quality.

In a world dominated by mass-produced fast fashion, impulse purchases,
wasteful manufacturing, and low-quality materials
Ostler dares to be different.

A Commitment to
Ethical Manufacturing

We believe in American manufacturing.

We believe in supporting jobs and suppliers that pay a living wage.

We source only the highest quality top-grain leather. Each hide is dyed and pressed domestically.

Each piece is traced, cut, stitched, and painted by American artisans with decades of experience handcrafting leather goods meant to last a lifetime.

Our products are packaged and shipped with minimal plastics.

We do not uphold these principles because they are the easiest or least expensive.
We do so because — without them — we are not Ostler Equestrian.

Jackie Mayne

Jackie Mayne


Accessories are the finishing touch that can tie an entire outfit together. Still, major fashion labels seem to treat them as an afterthought. I found myself perpetually frustrated with “luxury” belts produced with low grade materials and little attention to detail.

An equestrian of over two decades, I walked into my closet one day and realized I owned an entire wall full of tacky belts I didn't even like wearing.

This was the genesis of Ostler Equestrian.

More than three years were spent refining my original designs, sourcing the right materials, and stress-testing prototypes. I wanted to make sure each Ostler piece was not only a unique work of art, but a functional wardrobe staple hand-crafted to be worn for years to come — the way luxury leather goods should be.

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